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About us

About us

Elaine started the business in 1994, and it has stayed at its old town Elk Grove location ever since. Noah's Ark Dog & Cat Grooming offers personalized attention by:
  • Elaine, with over 45 years experience 
  • Her niece Megan, with over 13 years experience 
  • Her daughter Leah, with over 8 years experience     
  •  Her friend Fernando, with over 8 years experience 
  • Her friend Erika, with over  4 years experience
  • Her friend Dusty, with over 3 years experience
Happy customer at the pet groomers

Friends of the community

Over the years, we've established a reputation in Elk Grove for providing an outstanding service to our clients. We build relationships with all of our clients. 

A cat groomer taking care of a long-haired cat

Passionate and educated

Our expert dog and cat groomers at Noah's Ark Dog & Cat Grooming have a wealth of experience in handling and maintaining your pet's health and appearance. We provide professional and detailed grooming to all breeds dogs and cats. Our educated staff is friendly-orientated and very approachable, bringing out the best in your pet. 

Our team comes highly skilled in handling "special needs" dogs and cats, and we provide a dedicated, loving service to ensure your pet is well-groomed, healthy and happy.

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