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Grooming services

Noah's Ark Dog & Cat Grooming provides "Gentle Care for God's Creatures"

We take care of pets so that they'r e happy, healthy, and feeling great

Grooming is such a good way to make sure that your pet feels its best. We pride ourselves on being great with animals, looking after them and pampering them. Our goal is to ensure that each animal leaves our spa feeling happier and healthier than when they came in.

Our Pet Grooming Services include:

•  Bath with our wide array of specialty shampoos and conditioners
•  Anal Gland Expression (dogs only)
•  Nail Trimming
•  Ear Cleaning
•  Teeth Brushing and Flea Treatment (for additional costs)
•  Hand Drying
•  Brush/Fluff out
•  Custom Haircut for your dog or cat
•  Lots of Love and one-on-one Attention from our staff to your beloved pet

    Grooming means more than just looking great

    Grooming is very important to the overall health and well being of your pet. Regular treatments helps avoid painful and potentially debilitating skin disorders. In addition to dog washing, we also offer breed specific grooming as well as customized haircuts and styling!

    We use the latest treatments and techniques

    We've been looking after pets for years, so we've seen which dog washing and pet grooming techniques and materials have stayed, and which have been forgotten. We are always on the lookout for new developments and treatments to get your pet looking and feeling fit, so an appointment at Noah's Ark Dog & Cat Grooming in Elk Grove means that your pet is getting the most knowledgeable, professional (not to mention loving) treatment.

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